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African Transkei


African Transkei magic mushrooms are an incredible strain that you’ll want to try at least once. That’s because these stunning magic mushrooms have amazing effects that will have you coming back for more.

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Firstly, the African Transkei Magic mushrooms are particularly intense, having the option to create both shut eye and all the more surprisingly open eye visuals. Transkei Cubensis are likewise known for being sensation upgrading mushrooms that can modify the manner in which you see sound and visuals, produce mathematical shapes as well as ‘moving lights’ discernments. Wizardry mushrooms contain the synthetic compound known as psilocybin. This is the principal part that actuates the impacts ordinarily connected with shrooms.

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Moreover, the high from the African Transkei is an out thing of this world. While not the most profoundly illuminating mushroom, the visuals from this strain comprise an outright firecracker show. A staggering blend of tracers, lights, and mathematical examples, moving and expanding on each other in an entrancing movement. It genuinely must be capable to be high. It is one of the most outwardly suggestive highs you are ever liable to encounter.

Nevertheless, african Transkei is becoming eminent for its huge number of brand new impacts. Encounters will quite often be chiefly as sensation improving. This special quality can modify impression of the 5 detects, making it ideal for social communications. African Transkei is certifiably not a shamanistic strain. Yet it will take every one of the body’s faculties to an unheard of level.

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Additionally, the African Transkei Cubensis are an exceptionally intense type of psilocybin mushroom for creating an incredibly conspicuous body high, and phenomenal visuals. The African Transkei start from South Africa – our most memorable records of them demonstrate that they were gatheredd in 2002, in Transkei (the Wild Coast area of South Africa.) They were spotted straightforwardly developing on manure under the shade of trees. Magic mushrooms for sale

Note, as far as dosage is concerned, as always we recommend you proceed with caution – 1-1.5g should be enough to familiarize yourself with the potency of the strain, give you some of the visuals described above, and help prepare you for a more intense trip. And, a 3.5-4.5g dosage will almost certainly result in the greatest light show you’re ever going to witness.


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