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Lemon Tek Mushroom Gummies


Lemon Tek Edibles a Magic Mushrooms Dispensary exclusive, our groundbreaking Lemon Tek Edibles now come in a wider range of shroom varieties, each containing over a half gram of our most popular psilocybes and offering a faster-but-shorter trip, ideal for stacking.

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Lemon Tek Mushrooms

Microdose Mushroom Capsules offers the highest dose of active medicinal mushrooms on the market. This crafted formulation promises to enhance your existential experience and encourage a greater spiritual connection. Get closer to consciousness faster. Lemon Tek Mushrooms

All natural crystallized lemon is blended with a healthy dose of psilocybe cubensis to promote fast activation and provide a calm and soothing recovery. Best suited for experienced users because of its quick come-up and potent effects. Great for people looking to generate positive feelings, higher appreciation, and sacred experiences.

Magic Mushroom Edibles

The formula is targeting your best experience. Our all natural crystallized lemon will activate your experience and elevate! These all natural blend will deliver the vitamins needed to keep you energized through the day/night. The recovery will be easier and get you ready for the next trip!

Recommend Use: Elevates consciousness and provides a playful, energetic journey. Suitable for experienced users.

Recommended Dosage: Adults take 1 capsule. Take with water.

Package: Each box contains 10 capsules. Each capsule is 500mg for a total of 5,000mg.

Mushroom Edibles For Sale

An original Toadstool Confections creation exclusively for Shroom shop online, our classic  Lemon Tek Gummies were inspired by the popular psychonaut hack of accelerating one’s dose by making a paste of shrooms and lemon juice.Ideal for stacking, these gummies boast our Lemon Tek. Variety that users love for their glowy visuals, high energy and giggly good vibes, even at higher doses. Contains gelatin, sugar, lemon juice and 0.7 g of ground lemon tek magic mushrooms per individual gummy candy.

Mushroom Lemon Tek

Moreover, we recommend starting at the medium experience level, if you have not tried them before, as the visuals can be quite intense and harder to handle for inexperienced users. Set and setting are extremely important for a positive experience. We also highly encourage people to have a guide or sitter if they are new to psychedelics.

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