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B+ Mushrooms


B+ Magic Mushrooms are one of the most popular and well known Psilocybe cubensis in the modern times. It is a popular strain for first-time trippers and beginner mycologists. The B+ magic mushrooms is the best-selling strain since the 90’s.

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B+ Mushrooms

In the same way as other different strains, B+ sorcery mushrooms don’t have a reasonable history. What we can be sure of is that this strain has been available for use since essentially the 1990s.The story goes that somebody called ‘Mr. G’ found a fix of normally developing Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in Florida. He picked these mushrooms and afterward started to develop and develop them.

Subsequent to developing them for some time, he found a bunch that had developed rapidly and had enormous mushies. He saved a spore print from this clump and named it B+.From that point on, he began conveying spore prints of this mushroom to other sorcery mushroom cultivators. Cultivators found that this strain wanted to develop inside, and it turned into a #1 among fledgling producers.

Magic Mushrooms For Sale

B+ magic mushrooms may be the perfect strain for taking recreationally. Taking a lower dose of these shrooms will have you and your friends laughing for hours on end.

Pure euphoria will lift you up as the sounds and colors of everything around you become much more clear and refreshing. On top of that, you’ll feel completely open and connected to those around you.

To get the most out of your B+ magic mushrooms, you’ll want to take them as safely as possible. That means waiting until you get where you’re going before taking any magic mushrooms.

Remember, a shroom trip can list up to six hours and even longer, so be prepared if you’re out and about. Make sure you bring enough food and water to last your trip.

How to Dose B+ Magic Mushrooms

As far as P. cubensis strains go, B+ magic mushrooms are considered mild. That means that dosing B+ magic mushrooms is easier than other strains.

Experienced trippers will be able to take their usual dose or slightly higher than normal dose. Beginners, on the other hand, will want to take a look at this chart:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)

This chart is an excellent reference for B+ magic mushrooms. If you’re a beginner and unsure where to start, we recommend 1 gram and go from there.

It’s always best to start lower than you think—just in case.

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