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Magic Mushroom

Shamanism and The Role of Magic Mushrooms in Practice

Thanks to the current psychedelic renaissance, plant and fungi-based hallucinogens like magic mushrooms are being viewed in a new light. The fear, prohibition, and stigma associated with the drug are slowly fading away as modern-day researchers work tirelessly to build upon the previously buried studies.  While scientists strive to explore the potential of psilocybin, ancient communities seem…

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5 Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Strains You Should Know About

Did you know that magic mushrooms offer more than life-altering, spiritual effects? Psilocybin Cubensis shrooms provide a myriad of therapeutic benefits. According to anecdotal evidence and numerous research studies, magic mushrooms can effectively alleviate depression, anxiety, addiction, and neural damage. Consumers need to consume specific strains at recommended doses for the strains’ therapeutic benefits to shine through. …

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5 Most Potent Magic Mushroom Strains

Magic mushrooms, specifically the Psilocybin Cubensis species, are highly sought for their spiritual and therapeutic value. These shroom varieties contain a psychedelic compound known as psilocybin, which activates the brain’s serotonin receptors. These receptors are mainly found on the front side of the brain’s frontal lobe. They are responsible for regulating mood, cognition, and perception. …

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